4.5 gal Fuel Tank #12443

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Fits the Following Models:

2023-2024 Husqvarna TC 125
2023 Husqvarna TE 150
2023-2024 Husqvarna TC 250
2023-2024 Husqvarna TX 300

22½-24-½ Husqvarna FC 250 Rockstar Edition
22½-24-½ Husqvarna FC 450 Rockstar Edition
2023-2024 Husqvarna FC 250
2023-2024 Husqvarna FC 350
2023-2024 Husqvarna FC 450
2023-2024 Husqvarna FX 350
2023-2024 Husqvarna FX 450
2024 Husqvarna FE 250
2024 Husqvarna FE 350
2024 Husqvarna FE 350S
2024 Husqvarna FE 450
2024 Husqvarna FE 501S

Dry Break Version of Tank Only Works With Red Head Receiver (P/N: 218385) -- This Tank is NOT Compatible With SRT Receiver (P/N: 218340)

"24 1/2 Rockstar Edition Models Require Slight Modification/Trimming to Radiator Shrouds"

Due to the new EFI fuel pump mounting location, the amount of fuel used will vary depending on the riding conditions. You can fill 4.5 gallons into the tank, and the most aggressive riders will use 99% of that due to the fuel sloshing around. Less aggressive riding styles may result in having more fuel leftover on the left hand side when running the tank down low. Designed to enhance the appearance of your motorcycle, yet provide greater riding distance per tankful. Larger capacity than stock, yet very slim and sleek. Perfect for the dunes or the race track! These tanks are made with POLYETHYLENE CROSSLINK for extra strength and durability.