Probe Rebuild Kit #18393

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Rebuild Kit for Red Head Probe (P/N: 218381) which attaches to the end of your 3g or 4g dump can. This rebuild kit comes included with the 3 black seals that you'll need to replace on the end of your probe, along with some lubricant and a wooden stick. 2 of the 3 seals can be replaced by pulling the housing down from the tip of the probe, but you can only reach the 3rd black seal by undoing the top clip on the probe and disassembling the entire unit and spring.

DO NOT REMOVE OR DAMAGE THE WHITE TEFLON SEAL. This white seal is not repairable by IMS and we cannot supply a replacement. It is only visible when the valve is completely disassembled. This part is what the manufacturer (Red Head Valves) calls a non-field-serviceable item which is installed only with special tools at the factory. Contact Red Head Valves directly at the number below if replacement of that Teflon seal is needed. 

(918) 824-3700